His Pride International School promotes life-long learning, using best practices, in an environment where Great principles are taught, modeled and practiced by raising proper citizens, with a holistic and excellent education, who will function effectively and uphold the pillars of influence in the global community.

We have a specialized kind of education which is child-centred to provide the needed environment for the proper education of the child. At His Pride International School further grooms the child to solve future communal problems and strengthen his or her academic foundation such way that they are successful in their higher education and life in general. We hope to evolve to a Tertiary Institution in the nearest future.

Our environment is serene, secure and we have lovely classroom setting where pupils and students work in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility. We have uninterrupted power and water supply enabled by a fixed inverter system. We help develop the student's cognitive abilities and as well as explore their true potentials. Our teachers are highly qualified, committed and motivated. 

At His Pride International School, there is no substitute. We create that noble path to greatness because we’ve got DEPTH.

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Director/Head of His Pride International School

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Why Choose Us

To offer a programme through which the school will produce great minds, well educated, civilised, responsible, forward-thinking and disciplined children who will become profitable citizens and leaders in their communities in particular and the nation in general.

-The fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom coupled with systemic instructions produces results in a child's life. The school, therefore, provides an environment that is balanced with a comprehensive curriculum which stirs up creativity, full development of a child's character spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially

His Pride International school, playgroup nursery and primary. The fear of God is our motto A school for boys and girls As we grow from strength to strength God make our glory shine we pray for our teachers and many thanks to them for showing us the right way and leading us aright. God grant us protection as we pay your due respect to His pride international school God bless thee my school

*The Fear of God

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